Schimmel Pianos - The Most Highly Awarded Pianos
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Schimmel – The Most Highly Awarded German Piano

Our grand and upright pianos have participated in international instrument tests since 1988 and were repeatedly able to bring home top marks. The numerous awards provide proof that the quality of Schimmel instruments is universally acclaimed by experts. For this reason we are exceptionally proud that our grand pianos receive good marks in the traditional instrument tests carried out by the major musical periodicals in France.

For example, Le Monde de la Musique wrote the following about the C169 Tradition: ‘Its attractive, natural note lengths combined with a velvety and warm construction of tonal colours are suitable for the widest range of repertoire…it stands out as a grand piano with noble character: the greatest care in its manufacture and its richness in tonal colouring predestine the instrument for musicians.’

The periodical Pianiste describes the C189 Tradition as ‘a grand piano which is suitable for all musical styles and can be adapted for a variety of different situations thanks to its excellent tonal vibrancy..’

‘A wonderful instrument representing the pinnacle of piano manufacturing!’ said Pianiste magazine, referring to the Konzert K132.  ‘This piano is theatrical.’ is the verdict of the periodical Diapason. ‘The homogeneity of all registers is faultless. The feeling of touch allows all performing intentions to be fully expressed and displays no weak points…This is an authentic piano from the good old days: the type of instrument which was formerly bought for life.’

Piano journals - Schimmel Awards
Konzert K230 Tradition Award 1
Konzert K230 Tradition Award 2
Konzert K230 Tradition Award 3
Konzert K175 Tradition Award
Konzert K132 Tradition Award 2
Konzert K132 Tradition Award 2
Konzert K125 Tradition Award
Konzert K125 Noblesse Award
Konzert 122 Elegance Award 2
Konzert 122 Elegance Award
Classic 213 Tradition Award
Classic 189 Tradition Award
Classic 169 Tradition Award
Classic 169 Tradition Award 2
Classic 130 Tradition Award
Classic 120 Elegance Award
Classic 116 Tradition
Classic 169 Tradition Award 2
Classic 120 Elegance Manhattan Award
International 182 Tradition Award
Wilhelm 118 Tradition Award
Wilhelm 118 Tradition Award 2
Wilhelm 114 Tradition Award
Vogel 115 Tradition Award

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